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Owen's Transport Tycoon Station
Owen's Transport Tycoon Station
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Where Can I Get It?

Unfortunately, it is very hard to find the Transport Tycoon games to buy. Amazon UK has the DOS version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe, but this will only work on Windows 95, 98 and Me unless you use something like DOSBox. It will not run on any modern version of Windows.

Transport Tycoon on Amazon.co.uk

Transport Tycoon on Amazon.com

Transport Tycoon on Amazon.ca

Digital retailers offering Chris Sawyer's Locomotion

Other Options

You may be able to find TTD second-hand on eBay. Again though, unless you can find the Windows 95 version of the game, it will not work on Windows NT, 2000, XP or higher.

Getting the game to run on modern versions of Windows

The Windows version of TTD will only run on Windows 95, 98 and Me by default: you need to install TTDPatch if you want to play it on any newer version of Windows. TTDPatch modifies TTD's gameplay in many ways, so please read the manual before using it: in particular, the installation and patches sections. I receive many e-mails asking me how to set up TTDPatch, and I simply do not have the time to reply to them all, so please, please, check the manual before contacting me about this.

Windows Vista and later

An additional step is required to get the game to run on Windows Vista or later versions of Windows. You must copy the file DPLAYX.DLL from the windows\system32 directory to your TTD directory, and rename it DPLAY.DLL. To do that, enter the following command into Start -> Run: xcopy %windir%\system32\dplayx.dll c:\ttwin95\dplay.dll, where c:\ttwin95 is your TTD directory.


Another option, an alternative to TTDPatch, is OpenTTD. OpenTTD is a free open-source version of the game, with many enhancements to TTD including vastly superior multiplayer - including online play with up to 8 players, variable-sized maps (from a tiny 64x64 squares to a huge 2048x2048 squares - 64 times larger than a standard TTD map!), easy installation and many other exciting new features. Even better, OpenTTD now no longer requires the original game data, as there is now a completely fan-made reconstruction of the graphics, sound and music! This is the easiest way to play TTD, so check it out! My easy setup guide is available here.

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