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Overview | Changes | Download | Language Packs

TTDAlter is a program that lets you modify vehicle and other hard-coded information in TTD. With it, you can modify:

  • Trains
  • Road vehicles
  • Ships
  • Aircraft
  • Bridges
  • Industries
  • Disasters
  • Difficulty settings
  • Base costs of items
  • Town buildings
  • And more

All the language versions of both the DOS and Windows versions of TTD are supported (including the Japanese version of TTD, and some demo versions of the game), unlike the old TTDAlter 3.0 by Dan Mullin, which only supported the UK, USA, Spanish, French and German versions of the DOS version, I believe. You are also able to save parameters to a .TDF (TTDAlter Data File) file and send this over the Internet, etc, to load them into another copy of TTD, no matter whether it's the DOS or Windows version, or what language it is.

TTDAlter 4.3 has just been released! New features in 4.3 include:

  • Support for previewing vehicle graphics
  • Support for new tabs for plug-ins
  • Cargo payment rates can now be modified
  • Various GUI changes
  • Many minor bug fixes
  • And more!

Revision History

Here is a full log of what has changed in the latest versions:

Version 4.0 Beta

  • Everything

Version 4.0.5 Beta

  • Added support for bridges
  • Added support for ship cargo, price, maintenance, refittable
  • Fixed helicopter/airplane setting
  • Enabled currency changing
  • Added basic error checking to a couple of functions
  • Added option to delete TTDLOAD[W].OVL if saved with a standard name
  • Added train double-headed checkbox, but there seems to be something wrong with the data read in - probably wrong EXE location
  • Started work on SPRITES.TXT file with default sprites for vehicles

Version 4.0.6 Beta

  • Added support for industries
  • Added support for customisable vehicle names from VEHICLE.DAT (24/08/2002)
  • Created VEHICLE.DAT files for each language version (e.g., FRENCH.DAT) (24/08/2002)
  • Started work on multi-language support for bridge names, etc (24/08/2002)
  • TTDAlter.exe now compressed with UPX to save space (24/08/2002)

Version 4.0.7 Beta

  • Fixed saving bug with non-English versions of TTD (14/10/2002)

Version 4.0.8 Beta

  • Fixed saving bug completely with non-English versions of TTD (16/10/2002)

Version 4.0.9 Beta

  • Added Disasters support (22/11/2002)
  • Fixed makelist.exe VB output problems (22/11/2002)
  • Added support for Oil Rig (Passengers) and Farm (Livestock) (22/11/2002)
  • Fixed helicopter bug (I *think*) (22/11/2002)
  • Saved general data to TDFs (23/11/2002)
  • Fixed "Cancel was selected" errors with some file dialogs (07/12/2002)
  • Implemented HTML Help support instead of WinHelp (07/12/2002)

Version 4.0.10 Beta

  • Updated disasters to go up to 2155 (TTDPatch 1.9.1 alpha 11.5 exp) (27/12/2002)
  • Created Windows Installer package and added Windows Installer support for Help (30/12/2002)
  • Added support for demo of Japanese Windows version of TTD. As you can't start new games in the demo, this will only be of use if you copy a scenario and rename it to TRTxx.SS0. (26/04/2003)
  • Added recently loaded files menu, and added support for auto-loading of EXE (09/05/2003)
  • Updated help file (09/05/2003)
  • Added support for Euro currency, which TTDPatch 1.9.1 alpha 41 adds after 2002 (09/05/2003)
  • Added support for demo of English DOS version of TTD (09/05/2003)
  • Fixed industries (some industries changed the wrong things) (05/07/2003) Added text input boxes for some items (05/07/2003)
  • Added "Run TTDPatch Instead Of Open EXE" option (05/07/2003)

Version 4.1

  • Fixed overflow in Industries text box, and limited size to 3 characters (10/07/2003)
  • Made tabs hidden if no EXE loaded (10/07/2003)
  • Updated About dialog so that version number doesn't include revision if revision = 0 (10/07/2003)
  • Started on multilingual features (10/07/2003)
  • Changed all fonts to Tahoma for multilingual features (different codepages not included in MS Sans Serif) (11/07/2003)
  • Changed "Run EXE" to use ShellExecute (11/07/2003)
  • Make different languages use external DLLs (eg, Polish.dll, Dutch.dll) (11/07/2003)
  • Finally got Options\Speeds menu working (12/07/2003)
  • Fixed double-headed train option (12/07/2003)
  • Got train cargo working (12/07/2003)
  • Made cargo list disabled if capacity = 0 (15/07/2003)
  • Disabled several menu items if no EXE loaded (15/07/2003)
  • Made Save As dialog copy the previous EXE if no EXE exists (15/07/2003)
  • Added support for Japanese full version EXE (18/07/2003)
  • Added update support (13/08/2003)
  • Added error handling routines for every function in the program (14/08/2003)
  • Updated makelist.exe a bit (14/08/2003)
  • Added support for changing the price of train vans, and enabled van life and intro date (15/08/2003)
  • Started work on what will become a plug-in for exporting vehicle information (15/08/2003)
  • Added Road Vehicle cargo, which I must have missed out before (15/08/2003)
  • Implemented plug-in support (15/08/2003)
  • Added GetAircraftData function to ExtFunctions (20/08/2003)
  • Added Food/Fizzy Drinks to cargo lists, worked on help file (23/08/2003)
  • Added updated SPRITES.TXT file (12/09/2003)
  • Made Help open correctly on older versions of HTML Help (13/09/2003)
  • Switched to COMCT232.OCX instead of MSCOMCT2.OCX (08/10/2003)
  • Added GetBridgeData, GetIndustryData, GetDisasterData (11/10/2003)
  • Added min and max bridge lengths (15/10/2003)
  • Completely changed TDF format to INI-style system (15/10/2003)
  • Few updates to help file, made [what was then the] final build of TTDAlter 4.1 (25/12/2003)
  • Fixed little problem caused if you press 'No' on the exit window (plug-ins and translation DLLs were unloaded even if you press No) (29/12/2003)
  • Added Set versions of plug-in functions (29/12/2003)
  • Worked on help file (29/12/2003, 30/12/2003, 31/12/2003, 01/01/2004)

Version 4.2

  • Sort of fixed problem where TTDAlter would say an EXE is modified even if it isn't (01/01/2004)
  • Added Plug-ins stuff to language files (01/01/2004)
  • Made it so the English version of a string would be loaded if a string didn't exist in a language DLL (01/01/2004)
  • Added option to modify Difficulty Settings and climate-specific defaults (01/01/2004)
  • Added Base Costs support, and made the data for these new things be read/written from/to TDF files (02/01/2004)
  • Added support for all TTDPatch currencies, updated FormatMoney function to use a currency-specific separator and currency symbol before/after value. Added more data to language files (03/01/2004)
  • Fixed MSI product code in TTDAlter.bas, created setup bootstrap program (15/02/2004)
  • Added support for modification of town buildings (15/02/2004)
  • Added TabStrip - uses XP styles (15/02/2004)
  • Changed version number from 4.1.1 to 4.2, because of the large amount of new stuff (21/02/2004)
  • Fixed little language problem where the unknown EXE size error was always in English (21/02/2004)
  • Added support for industry type, plus more error checking and a progress bar for TDF work (22/02/2004)
  • Added What's This? help for just about everything - accessible by a right-click popup menu for some things (22/02/2004)
  • Added support for aircraft sound and acceleration, and road vehicle sound to listin.dat (07/03/2004)
  • Added framework support for aircraft sound and acceleration, and road vehicle sound to TTDAlter itself (28/03/2004)
  • Implemented GUI for road vehicle sound, added multi-lang support for these (24/04/2004)
  • Added support for ship sound (03/05/2004)
  • Added support for all SAMPLE.CAT sounds (03/05/2004)
  • Added support for vehicle model life and train type (04/05/2004)
  • Found locations of bridge date, price, industry price, town building mail, passengers, goods, removal cost, removal rating penalty and build years, but didn't have any more room on the main form to put them. Still accessible from TDF and plug-in interface though. GUI will have to wait for the next version though, when I have a think about how I will do things... (04/05/2004)
  • Added internal support for train AI score, sound indexing and sound volume, plus made all TT sounds play at 11,025Hz (05/05/2004)
  • Added custom exception handler, made ErrorProc use Err.Description (09/05/2004)
  • Updated test plug-in a little, fixed bug when loading newer plug-ins (15/05/2004)

TTDAlter 4.2.9 (private beta)

  • Added road vehicles model life to SetRoadVehicleData (28/05/2004)
  • Updated TDF Converter plug-in to add support for 4.0.2 TDFs (even though nobody apart from me has ever used 4.0.2...) (29/05/2004)
  • Started added support for displaying vehicle graphics, plus "new vehicle" dialog (29/05/2004)
  • Started work on plug-in tab support (30/05/2004)
  • Got basic plug-in tab support working :) (02/05/2004)
  • Fixed bug when opening a non-TTD EXE when no default EXE is specified (02/05/2004)
  • Added detection of TTD path for graphics, added PALETTES.DAT reading (05/06/2004)
  • Added support for displaying R.V., aircraft and ship sprites, fixed problem with SPRITES.DAT (05/06/2004)
  • Started work on adding cargo payment rate support (26/06/2004)
  • Got cargo payment rate stuff working a bit better (14/11/2004)
  • Upped version number to 4.3 (was 4.2.1) (20/11/2004)
  • Moved Buildings to UserControl, added controls for extra building options (20/11/2004)
  • Finished player vehicle colour menu options, added option to change TTD GRF path (20/11/2004)
  • Added safety check for drawing sprites - ensure sprite ID is in range (22/11/2004)
  • Changed most train items from scrollbars to updown controls (26/11/2004)
  • Changed rest of train items, added double-headed sprite preview, wagon speed limits, bridge intro date, help updates (27/11/2004)
  • Updated tdf.htm and notes.htm in help with info on boosted values (29/11/2004)
  • Implemented cargo rates as separate tab (29/11/2004)
  • Significantly improved cargo rate graph, and general features on that tab (29/11/2004)
  • Added a few more new strings to the resource file (03/12/2004)
  • Added filename and date/time to translation info window (04/12/2004)
  • Finished GUI for cargo payment rates (04/12/2004)
  • Made NumBox accept compare input so that '1920', for example, could be entered directly. Fixed small issue with negative numbers (04/12/2004)
  • Put version back down to 4.2.9 for beta (04/12/2004)

TTDAlter 4.3

  • All changes from 4.2.9
  • Made monthly update check silent if no new updates found (10/02/2005)
  • Update vehicle colour on startup (10/02/2005)
  • Converted all scroll bars to numboxes (10/02/2005)
  • Fixed vehicle colour issue (13/02/2005)
  • Finished Town Buildings tab (26/03/2005)
  • Added various MouseUp routines for What's This help (26/03/2005)
  • Ensured all new data was saved to and loaded from TDF files (26/03/2005)
  • Updated English language script with new strings (26/03/2005)
  • Added more helpful message when opening certain incorrect executables (eg, ttdpatchw.exe) (26/03/2005)
  • Misc language updates (27/03/2005)
  • Added some more enums and functions to the plug-in/scripting COM interface (27/03/2005)
  • Corrected bug with industry list (several industries were accessing the incorrect data) (08/06/2005)
  • Language updates (08/06/2005)
  • Prepared for release (08/06/2005)
  • Fixed company colour palette issues (thanks to Lakie for help with correct values) (24/06/2005)
  • Minor alteration to Translation Info window (24/06/2005)
  • Final changes for release, really this time! (09/09/2005)


You can download TTDAlter 4.3 from the Download page. The Setup program will upgrade an older version (4.0 or later) if it exists. TTDAlter 4.2 uses the Windows Installer system - if you are running a version of Windows earlier than XP, you may need to upgrade Windows Installer. The SETUP.EXE program will tell you if you need to upgrade Windows Installer - if you do, the latest versions are available from the Download page.

The help file in TTDAlter 4.3 is currently incomplete. A finished version may be added to this site in the near future. In addition, certain pieces of text were not translated in time for TTDAlter 4.3: again, updated language packs may be avaiable here to fix this in the future.

Note that if you try to run TTDAlter on Windows Vista or Windows 7, you may need to run the program with Administrator privileges, at least for the first time you start the program. To do this, right-click the icon and click "Run As Administrator" in the Start menu. TTDAlter was not written with some of the security enhancements of the latest versions of Windows in mind (Windows Vista was still under development for most of TTDAlter's development life). TTDAlter tries to register COM objects at startup (such as TTDAlter plug-ins), which the standard Windows Vista configuration prohibits for normal users. It's possible an update for TTDAlter may be released in the future which can help sort these issues. Please let me know if you have any problems with TTDAlter on Windows Vista.

Language Packs

The following additional or updated language packs are available for TTDAlter 4.2:

If, for some reason, you are still using TTDAlter 4.1, the following additional language packs are available, in addition to the language packs supplied with the program (see above). Updated versions are included with TTDAlter 4.2 by default:

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