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  Transport Tycoon Saved Game Manager

The Saved Game Manager lets you manage all your Transport Tycoon saved games, scenarios and multiplayer saved games. You can copy them, move them, delete them, rename them and compress them too. The interface is easy to use. There are many more features, and Saved Game Manager 2.3 is again better than ever. If you play TT then it's highly recommended you download this.

Here are just some of the new features in Transport Tycoon Saved Game Manager 2.3 (released 24th December 2011):

  • Support for modern versions of Windows, user restrictions
  • Win32 DLL plug-ins supported
  • More detailed game information available
  • More currencies
  • Refresh option
  • Plug-in installation improvements
  • New "Play with OpenTTD" plug-in
  • Assorted new plug-in functions
  • Updated TTDIR utility
  • New Setup program
  • Plus other bug fixes and improvements

System Requirements

Transport Tycoon Saved Game Manager 2.3 requires:

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or higher, or Windows NT 4.0
  • About 10MB of disk space

If you're using the original Windows 95 or NT 4.0, you'll also need:

  • Microsoft HTML Help Update

The easiest way of getting these files is to download the latest version of Internet Explorer available for Windows 95 (IE5, I believe).

In order to install the Saved Game Manager, you will need administrative permissions on NT-based versions of Windows (including Windows Vista and Windows 7), but once the software is installed, you should be able to run version 2.3 as a normal limited user. If you have any problems, please let me know.


This version of the Saved Game Manager does not require a previous version. If you do have an older version installed, it is recommended that you remove it. Setup should detect old versions and offer to remove them.

The following SGM-related files are available to download from the Download page:

  • Transport Tycoon Saved Game Manager 2.3
    This is the full package you use for installing the Manager.

Click here to go to the Download page.


I have made the Transport Tycoon Saved Game Manager help file available for browsing online. If you do not have/want Internet Explorer on your computer and cannot use HTML Help, you can view the online version. The help system uses CSS.

  • The version 2.3 help is not currently available to browse online.
  • Click here to view the Transport Tycoon Saved Game Manager 2.2 help online.
  • If you are still using Saved Game Manager 2.1, click here to view the Saved Game Manager 2.1 help.


I'd like to thank the following people for help and support with the Manager:

  • Nick Hundley
    Code for parsing the date in TT saved game files.
  • Josef Drexler
    General help with TT file format, plus support during development.
  • Marcin Grzegorczyk
    Wrote SV1Tool (now SV1Codec), code from which is used in the Saved Game Manager.
  • James Pamplin, Michael Humberston, Chris Jackson, Adam Trevorrow, and others Beta testing, suggestions for new features, and so on.

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