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Owen's Transport Tycoon Station
Owen's Transport Tycoon Station
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Welcome to Owen's Transport Tycoon Station

Welcome to Owen's Transport Tycoon Station, a site all about Chris Sawyer's fantastic transport simulator, Transport Tycoon. Not familiar with the game? Find out more here! This site is run by Owen Rudge, a long time TT fanatic, and owner of the Transport Tycoon Forums.

What's On This Site?

The Transport Tycoon Station contains loads of information on the Transport Tycoon games by Chris Sawyer, and the recent open source developments of TTDPatch and OpenTTD. If you want to improve your rail networks, check out the Rail Building section. Alternatively, perhaps you're looking for some hints and tips on other things? The left menu bar offers plenty of advice on every aspect of the game.

The Transport Tycoon Station is home to a number of Transport Tycoon utilities, including the Transport Tycoon Saved Game Manager, TTDAlter and TTDX Editor. In addition, there are a number of other downloads, such as a variety of saved games and scenarios, plus the music from the game.

Feel free to browse round the site - see the menu on the left hand side for more links. And if you have any comments, queries or problems, please contact me.