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Owen's Transport Tycoon Station
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Other Tips

Increasing Town Population
The rate that a town grows can be improved by supplying certain goods to that town, depending on what climate it is in. Temperate towns (including arctic towns below the snow line and tropical towns not in the desert) increase in size by themselves even if there are no transport services to it. To increase the speed of the growth, build a good passenger service. This could be just a bus that goes between two stops at the opposite end of the town. Mail and goods may also increase the growth rate, but I have seen no evidence to suggest this.

Arctic towns above the snow line will not grow at all unless you deliver food to them. Again, to speed up growth, build a good passenger service.

Tropical towns in the desert require both food and water to grow. This means a town without a water tower will not grow at all and you must either build one yourself or wait until the local authority does. Once good water and food services are established, a passenger service will help the town grow faster.

Own the Town Roads
Ever wanted to place a station in the middle of the town, but couldn't because the local authority wouldn't let you destroy a piece of road? This little trick may help you out in future games: at the start of the game, destroy all of the town's roads. Then build them again yourself. You will now own the roads, so can do what you like with them in the future!

You could also use the extradynamite switch in newer versions of TTDPatch - this is probably the easier option, but if you play TTO, or you play TTD without TTDPatch for some reason, the above tip could still be of use.

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