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Owen's Transport Tycoon Station
Owen's Transport Tycoon Station
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Rail Junctions

This section of the site was originally a separate site known as "The Junctionairy", by Florisjan Giezen, aka Zimmlock. Credits must go to him for creating such a large resource!

All these junctions were constructed with the latest version of TTDPatch. TTDPatch allows building on slopes and also crossing tunnels. Crossing tunnels are not used here though, due to the unrealistic nature of them. Direct 90 degree turns are avoided too, for the same reason (except at station entrances).

If you are not familiar with TTDPatch, check out the TTDPatch site and the TTDPatch Wiki, which contains masses of documentation on how to use TTDPatch.

Thanks go to all the people who submitted intersection and/or station configuration designs - in particular people at The Transport Tycoon Forums - without them, the former Junctionairy and therefore this section of Owen's TT Station would never have existed.

If you have come up with an innovative new design, please let me know about it!

Click on one of the sections below to explore the various subjects.

Basic Junctions
Basic Junctions
Double Cross Junctions
Double Cross Junctions
T Junctions
T Junctions
Crossover Juncions
Crossover Junctions
Station Configurations
Station Configurations
Complex Junctions
Complex Junctions
  Realistic Juncions
Realistic Track Configurations

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