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Owen's Transport Tycoon Station
Owen's Transport Tycoon Station
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  Saved Games

Below are the saved games available for download from this site. If you are looking for more saved games, check out The Ultimate Transport Tycoon Game Repository.

Please note that this block of saved games does not use the railway construction methods mentioned in other parts of this site - these games were from when I was fairly new to TTD.

  • Owen Transport Ltd.: 3rd January 1955
    Size: 115KB Money: £229,200 Performance: About 424
    This is a saved game for Transport Tycoon Deluxe. It is my fifth year in business, and some of the routes, such as the steel/iron ore you see when you load this game, exist until the very end of the game (although in a much more complicated form - this happened to be the worst bit to upgrade).
  • Owen Transport Ltd.: 1st January 1993
    Size: 146KB Money: £41,581,522 Performance: About 904
    Moving on a bit from above, many routes still exist. The performance stays like this right until 2050 (I don't know about after as I have not played it there!). Some competitors have been bought. The diesel passenger train here is one of the best earners in the future (upgraded of course).
  • Owen Transport Ltd.: 1st January 2026
    Size: 151KB Money: £170,508,248 Performance: About 904
    Here we are, after the advent of Maglev and Monorail. It took me quite a while to upgrade my whole train network, but in the 2030s, I'd finished it. Another nice game, but the performance hasn't moved (it's quite hard to make every vehicle over 2 years old earn at least £10,000, especially when you have nearly got 80 road vehicles [80 in the game below]!).
  • Owen Transport Ltd.: 18th January 2050
    Size: 158KB Money: £343,513,066 Performance: About 904
    I've been registered in the Hall of Fame as 'Mogul', am still President of the company, and have still got 904 points (and also, still got some helicopters). My fortune has doubled in 25 years, and I've reached the road vehicle limit of 80 units.
  • Owen Transport Ltd.: 2nd October 2055
    Size: 159KB Money: £401,088,638 Performance: About 904
    I've uploaded this because I've made some interesting changes to the train network. The changes are to the following stations: Winwell Transfer, Harninghall Mines, Plarningbury East (formerly Plarningbury Woods) and Darfingway North. A few of my productive coal mines (including the £900,000 a year one) have halved production (typical) and I've just been asked if I want to buy Donthill Transport. The only thing they've been doing is taking my coal (New Flunningwell Mines). In three months they will be gone. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    "In three months they will be gone" - I spoke too soon! A little update: About a year on, and the ex-£900,000 a year train now earns about £600,000 a year, Donthill Transport were so nearly made bankrupt, but were taken over by Wutbourne Transport (which means they still have the coal: GRRRRR!). However, I then took over both companies by taking over Wutbourne. As I'd sold my coal trucks a little earlier, I kept theirs, but renewed them (after selling some of the other vehicles because I'd reached my limit - 80 road vehicles is not enough!!! [25/11/02: TTDPatch solves this problem nicely]). So now I await a new rival, what is it now, my 6,257,323rd rival? :-)
  • Owen Transport Ltd.: 1st January 2066
    Size: 157KB Money: £500,282,811 Performance: About 904
    Eleven years on, and I've got four more years until the clock stops. About 4 years ago, my yearly profits were about -£10 million, because many of my trains needed replacing (and they cost about £1m each), and then one of my planes crashed. Interestingly, I was just looking through my planes, and I was just about to click on a Dinger 200, and suddenly it greyed itself out. I thought "huh?", and then realised it had crashed! I'd spent £24 million on new vehicles that year! One other thing, I've had another dead oil rig bug.
    BTW, I've played up to 2074 now.

Please note that this block of saved games does not use the railway construction methods mentioned in other parts of this site either - these games were also from when I was fairly new to TTD.

  • Owen Transport Ltd.: 1st January 1972
    Size: 132KB Money: £11,838,809 Performance: About 804
    This is a new set of saved games, which I started playing back in August 2000. Here's a game from 1972. Compare this to the latest game below, and you'll see that some things still exist (such as the big coal mine on the west half of the map - although it's much bigger and if a train was really lost it could end up half-way across the map).
  • Owen Transport Ltd.: 18th April 2054
    Size: 161KB Money: £571,783,134 Performance: About 904
    My current game (as of 16/1/2001). The huge mess on the left side of the map was a right pain to upgrade to monorail/maglev. (A lot of the interconnections with other networks - such as the coal network - were done with maglev). It's also annoying when trains get lost - I had a problem about this very recently.

    04/03/2001: I've played on to 2073 with over £800m now. Because of servicing problems and various other things, the trains have managed to get lost, break down and so on. I have officially declared this game finished. This is my longest running game (I started it back in August 2000). Ah, it was good while it lasted.....

    12/04/2001: I've got to mid-2050 in my new game now, with over £420m. My performance rating is.... 904 again! I did peak at just under 960 a while ago though.

  • Owen Transport Ltd., 1st Jan 1975
    Size: 141KB Money: £15,918,278 Performance: About 800
    Hmmm, I'm not very imaginative with names, am I? But anyway... This is a game I started playing in around June/July 2001, and is probably my best temperate game ever. This particular saved game shows my rail network growing steadily, with the advent of electric trains and so on. Even back in the era of steam, I was creating a fairly complicated network (compared to earlier games), part of which you see when you load the game.
  • Owen Transport Ltd., 1st Jan 2005
    Size: 149KB Money: £85,595,707 Performance: About 872
    In this game, most of the rail network has been upgraded to monorail. The network itself is a lot more complicated (and very hard to upgrade - no TTDPatch cheats used here!).
  • Owen Transport Ltd., 1st Jan 2061
    Size: 161KB Money: £551,780,967 Performance: About 904
    Well, I've completed the game. The coal trains you are initially faced with are very good earners, raking in over £700,000 a year. This is as far as I played this game.

I will have some saved games of my recent sub-tropical and sub-arctic games here soon, as well as my latest temperate games. My very latest game uses the DB Set by Michael Blunck, and is quite different to my other games: I use German settings for one (drive on right, currency Deutschmark, km/h instead of mph, Owen Transport GmbH instead of Owen Transport Ltd, etc), I start in 1921 instead of 1950, and it's really a very interesting game to play.

The following block of games are by Adam Trevorrow. TTDPatch configuration files are included with all of them.

  • Adam Transport Network
    Size: 215KB Money: $1,118,188,000 Date: 2044 Vehicles: 87 trains, 150 road vehicles Climate: Arctic
    This is what Adam considered to be his first "good" game. It has a large network that, when he built, he liked (but now he doesn't like it!). This game uses TTDPatch with a morevehicles setting of 2.
  • The Adam Corporation
    Size: 209KB Money: $1,258,000,000 Date: 2056 Vehicles: 137 trains, 52 road vehicles, 14 aircraft, 27 ships Climate: Temperate
    Another one of Adam's early games - better than ATN but not as good as his newer ones. This game uses TTDPatch with a morevehicles setting of 3.
  • Adam Transit
    Size: 161KB Money: $201,878,000 Date: 2037 Vehicles: 54 trains, 26 road vehicles, 16 aircraft, 3 ships Climate: Tropical
    One of Adam's better games, but not as good as some of his other games here. The network is slower than others because there are too many trains going down one line and there's no room to make it a 4 track line. Not his favourite but still quite good. This game uses TTDPatch with a morevehicles setting of 2.
  • Adam Transport Network UK
    Size: 67KB Money: £5,455,000 Date: 2020 Vehicles: 29 trains, 18 road vehicles, 5 aircraft, 19 ships Climate: Temperate
    This game is based on my Orkney scenario (see below). It has many bridges, but the network is small compared to some of his other games. This game uses TTDPatch, but does not use morevehicles. A CFG file has been included anyway.
  • Adam Global
    Size: 155KB Money: $292,540,000 Date: 2007 Vehicles: 107 trains, 53 road vehicles, 12 aircraft, 13 ships Climate: Temperate
    One of Adam's newer games, the highlight is the great inner-city network in the southern corner. Currently the economy in this game is in recession and many trains are inactive in the depots.
  • Adam Logistics
    Size: 221KB Money: $647,103,000 Vehicles: 210 trains, 82 road vehicles, 8 ships Climate: Arctic
    The newest game by Adam here. This game features a massive 210 trains, all making a profit. Half of them go to the food processing plant in the eastern corner of the map. A must see. This game uses TTDPatch with a morevehicles setting of 3.

That's all for now. Enjoy!

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