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  TTDX Editor - Version History

Here is information on what has changed in versions 1.00.001 - 1.10.014 of TTDX Editor, when it was maintained by Jens Vang Peterson:

Version 1.00.001 (not public)

  • Everything

Version 1.00.003 (30/03/2002, first public alpha)

  • All known industrial values now included
  • Industrial types and cargo for Toyland climate included
  • Well-known values are shown in different colour in Tech-info
  • File requester shows the tycoon name of the games
  • File requester settings are stored
  • Header checksum re-calculated when saving
  • Supports drag-drop of savegames

Version 1.00.004 (06/04/2002)

  • Change player money and debt
  • Change city ratings and def. name
  • Load and Save uncompressed now working
  • Command line option to directly load a game
  • Techinfo moved to separate window, can be hidden
  • Fixed: City names wouldn't show in games saved without the TTDPatch
  • Fixed: Multiplayer savegames (sv2) were handled as they were scenarios
  • Fixed: Some changed values would not be included in a save

Version 1.00.008 (16/04/2002)

  • Change cargo ratings and amount at stations
  • The map window working, 3 sizes or turned off
  • File types association
  • Minimize Industries production macro
  • Remove Trees
  • City ratings now set with a slider
  • Re-selecting an open editor now brings it to front

Version 1.00.009 (20/04/2002)

  • Decode game-generated city names
  • Remove HQ for any player
  • New About window
  • New status bar
  • Fixed X-cord on large/extreme map
  • Fixed crash in techinfo if minimized

Version 1.00.010 (20/04/2002)

  • Quick fix: A very stupid bug in the path detection.

Version 1.00.012 (26/04/2002)

  • Stations can be filtered by owner and sorted
  • Added some shortcut keys
  • More speed when loading and saving
  • New map drawing procedure, should be faster
  • More sorting and filtering options in file selector
  • Plug-in for Saved Game Manager by Owen Rudge
  • Fixed city names in the industry section
  • Minor fixes in the about dialog

Version 1.10.013 (05/05/2002)

  • Vehicle Editor
  • Own AI roads
  • Own city bridges
  • Techinfo rewritten (again)
  • Menu navigation keys (Thanks to Owen Rudge for reminding me)
  • Fixed some problems with file associations

Version 1.10.014 (14/09/2003)

  • Add buildings around a station
  • Techinfo in "free" window, can be resized
  • Fixed a very bad bug, would often cause games to crash.
  • Date sorting in select game fixed
  • Cleanout settings option
  • SGM Plug-in setup redone, should work with v2.1 also

The following is what's new since I took over development of TTDX Editor:

  • Owen Rudge became maintainer (10/07/2003)
  • Added support for games created with TTDPatch 1.9.1 alpha 32 or newer (10/07/2003)
  • Updated some windows, replaced About dialog (10/07/2003)
  • 'Marked' files that have been edited (12/07/2003)
  • Fixed overflow error with high morevehicles values in Vehicle Editor (14/07/2003)
  • Got everything ready for release (30/08/2003)
  • Added code to support TTDPatch 2.0 beta 5.1 MG or higher (13/09/2003)

Version 1.10.015 (11/10/2003)

  • Rewrote message and fixed XP themes problem in File Types window (05/10/2003)
  • Made a few cosmetic changes here and there (05/10/2003)
  • Fixed bug caused by relocation of &H24CBC to &H44CB8 from TTDPatch 2.0 onwards (11/10/2003)

Version 1.10.016 (26/12/2003)

  • Added Finances window (14/10/2003)
  • Changed fonts to Tahoma (14/10/2003)
  • Fixed vehicle list problem (14/10/2003)
  • Added workaround for bug caused by abandonedroads (chunk size specified was different to actual chunk size). This is fixed in TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha 10. (26/12/2003)

Version 1.10.017 (23/05/2004)

  • Fixed overflow bug with finance window (15/05/2004)
  • Added multiple currency support (15/05/2004)
  • Moved registry entries from JVP to Owen Rudge, made editor remember last window position (22/05/2004)
  • By Oskar Eisemuth: Fixed saving bug with TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha 27 saved games (23/05/2004)
  • Updated SGM plug-in for new registry entries (23/05/2004)

Version 1.20 (12/03/2012)

  • Marked saved games with basic record of what was changed (24/05/2004)
  • Update MODIFIED.EXE to list game modifications (19/06/2004)
  • Assorted cosmetic changes (10/03/2012)
  • Run nicely on modern versions of Windows, and with limited privileges (10/03/2012)
  • Update SGM plug-in with support for 2.3 registration system (12/03/2012)
  • Setup program improvements; don't bundle WSH or DCOM95 (12/03/2012)
  • Add "Check for Updates" feature (12/03/2012)

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